Choose 1st Birthday Party Inspiration

Your baby is turned 1 and its right time for party and fun! Congratulations, you’ve enjoyed the first year of parenthood! You can a new mother – who feels like just yesterday she welcome home a newborn baby and after one year, now planning for baby’s first birthday bash. No one can imagine how quickly a year can fly by. The first birthday blast of the baby is lifetime affair for the family and parents and they wish to make it quite memorable. But you might be thinking where to start? Started from smash cakes to various party favors, we’ve got you covered. Set on your party-planning hat and get enthused to throw the party of the year with below mentioned creative first birthday party thoughts.

1. Timings of the party. You should plan the party for the time period of an hour. Babies can remains attention for short time period and go out of energy and interest speedily. It is better to plan the party during late morning or late afternoon. It can be pre- or post-nap-when your darling isn’t tired.

2. VIPs only. Reduce the visitor list to avoid overwhelming your honey. It is better to keep guests as less as possible.

3. Ask for support. It is better to hire a babysitter or request family members to assistance you stabile you’re hosting duties with celebrating your baby’s big day.

4. Babies really appreciate balloons. Go for foil, or Mylar, balloons despite of latex to sidestep choking hazards for kids under the age of 8. Go for the decoration that remains friendly for the kids. You can also arrange small gift to give them to the friends of your kids.

5. Go ahead with a play place. A lot of the kids under this age range are still on all fours, so baby-proof a play zone bung up with age-appropriate toys for your tiny guests. Keep the chairs near around, so that parents of other kids can relax and watch.

6. Check your food items. Ask your guests about the food for the kids as lots of kids have allergies from some specific food. It would be better if you keep simple snacks such as chopped fruit and graham crackers for the baby’s friends, and more adult versions for the grown-ups to munch.

7. Don’t stress. There is no need to do too much as your baby is small now and more crowd and things can irritate him or her. So, it is better to keep things simple.

Make the birthday of your little once memorable by taking images. Life goes on but the picture will remains an outmost memory for you as well as your kids.