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How to Make Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations

We’ve all watched the bacchanal sweet 16 parties on reality TV, but even if you can’t have such an ostentatious indulgence, you can still have a unique fun celebration. Your 16th birthday definitely has you crossing a milestone, and so there are numerous ways in which you can make your celebration special and memorable. While deciding your party ideas, you need to finalize whether you are going to follow a theme (and what it will be), where you are going to have it, the food you would like to serve, and who you want to invite. I’m sure you’ve already stocked plenty of ideas from magazines, TV, and your friends’ parties. Make a list of the feasible ones, so you can find ways to include them as your plan progresses.

Designing Invitations

There are a number of factors your invitation will depend on:

  • What is your theme?
  • What are your theme colors?
  • Are you making them, printing them out, or ordering them?
  • Are you posting them or handing them out?

Based on your theme you can come up with a cool concept. If you are printing or ordering them, you don’t have to put in any effort. However, if you are making them, depending on your numbers, you can make fancy or simple party invitations. Nonetheless, you can make some really enchanting invites by using fancy textured paper and pretty ribbons. Some examples of theme based invites are :

America’s Next Top Model Party: This theme that is growing in popularity is the perfect option for a girl who loves fashion and clothes. You can send a simple card that says ‘Tyra Mail’ on the envelope, and on the actual invite, use words similar to the announcements made on the show. A personalized invitation would make the invitees picture printed out on one side with the words “You’re In” below it. On the other side you can print the party details.

Glow In The Dark Party: One of my favorites is a glow in the dark party. To make these incredibly simple theme based invitations all you need is plain white card and glow in the dark paint. Now this part will require some skill and you should practice on some regular sheets of paper. Write out the words and party details with the glow in the dark paint. Use a black marker and write “to be read in pitch darkness” on the envelope.

Hawaiian Luau Party: This is another great theme and there are several different kinds of invitations you can make for this party. One idea is to make a cut out of the map of Hawaii and print your party details in the center. Another is to shape it into a flower or a hula skirt. Use vibrant colors for these and if possible, attach a purple orchid to each card. Also include some Hawaiian words such as La hanau (birthday), Nani (beautiful), Hula (dance), and Hoaloha (friend) in the invitation. My personal favorite is to send each guest a lei along with a very simple card, and have instructions that ask them to wear it to the party.


Option 1
“When you wish upon a star,
Your dreams will take you very far,
A special wish I want to make,
That you will come and celebrate!

Jamie’s Sweet Sixteen!


Option 2
An Enchanted Moment that is the Scene,
Our Princess Sara is Sweet Sixteen!
The Magnificent Day is Here at Last,
Dinner and Dancing, a Dynamic Blast!

You are cordially invited
to this joyous occasion for
Sara Owens

March 5, 2010
6:00-11:00 pm
Northwest Country Club

Option 3
Farewell to dollies,
blankies and bows
Welcome to make-up
telephones and beaus
Please join us to celebrate
Katie’s 16th Birthday

on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

Option 4
Once in a lifetime do
you turn 16
never again will this
age be seen.
I’m inviting you to help
make mine
an event to look back
at in time.

Please join me at my
Sweet Sixteen Party
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue)

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Check pictures of invitations, as per your theme, on the internet to get more ideas. Most ideas can be modified and reproduced with ease if you are handy with crafts. If you aren’t, focus on the idea more than on the look.

Finding Birthday Party Theme

A birthday party theme is important because it communicates a certain message in a party and adds flavor to the scene. It shows the interests and preferences of the birthday boy or girl. A good theme breaks the monotony and you need to spend time to find a theme that is suitable. There are hundreds of birthday party themes to choose from on the internet and they will spark your imagination. Before you choose a theme for your birthday party or for that of a friend, you need to consider what they love. There is no point of having a brilliant theme that does not appeal to the guest of honor. Since you are close to the person with the occasion, dig deep into what they like and you will surely land on something suitable.

One of the most popular birthday party theme is an ice cream party. Every aspect of the party will have some ice cream inspiration and many people have done great things with their parties using ice cream. The theme will reflect on the decorations, invitations, music, food and drinks, cake, party favors and others. You can get to read all the ideas and views from people who have done various themes on the internet. Get inspired by what they did to create various twists. Another popular birthday party idea is an army party. Everything that you can think of that touches on the army can be included in the party. There is no specific guidelines that can be set because it is vital to let your unique creativity flow in your party.

Other birthday party themes that you can have are an April fools day party, an aquarium party, an Arabian princess party, arts and crafts party, Autumn harvest party, back to school party, backwards party, bee party, book party, batman party, beach party, breakfast party, camping party, carnivore party, casino party, dog party, dance party, Hollywood star party, Harry Porter party, safari party, sail boat party, salon party, sports party where you can feature baseball, football, karate, rock climbing and many more. Therefore, when it comes to themes, you can go with anything that will please you. There are other details that you must consider when you are choosing a theme.

You need to work out the practicality of a birthday party theme and see how best you are going to execute the plan. Consider the venue of the party and see how everything is going to fit and where the decorations will fit best. If you want to include a certain aspect of the theme on the cake, do it well for example an airplane on a cake. If you are not confident about shaping the cake, have a professional do it. It is also vital to consider the guests who are attending. If they have to wear certain costumes, they may not be comfortable with, come up with something that everyone will be comfortable in. Therefore plan for a party in advance and have the best time of your life.

Best Ideas for Birthday Party Planning

Birthday party planning involves a high level of creativity which only few people possess. To make your birthday party a grand affair, you can consider hiring the services of professional birthday party planning companies. They will make all the arrangements for the party in a grand manner and make it memorable.

Birthday parties are the perfect occasions when you get the opportunity to meet your friends and relatives. These social gatherings are also the best events where you can show your organizing skills and create an instant impression. But birthday party planning involves paying attention to a lot of details. You can organize your birthday party in a perfect manner with the help of birthday party planners in Denver. Here are some ways in which you can organize your birthday party successfully: –

Go for unique themes

Unique themes at birthday parties also attract the attention of visitors. As an adult, you can consider opting for a backyard bonfire birthday party. For such a theme, you will need to make an outdoor arrangement for your guests. The party will be celebrated around a backyard fire with your close friends and relatives. If you are celebrating your 40th or 50th birthday, then you can get a dessert table decorated using a gold sequined backdrop and a tassel garland. The presence of some delicious snacks will set the perfect mood for the party.

Opt for an eco-friendly decoration

An eco-friendly decoration can in a great way help you to create a lasting impression on the people who come to the party. You can consider sending handwritten invites in a plantable wildflower paper. It will help in reducing the use of papers for organizing the social occasion. If you are organizing the party outdoors, then you can make use of tents for the seating arrangements of guests. It will create a unique ambiance at the party and create a warm atmosphere.

Choose a quick and reliable caterer

The menu for the party will need to be decided keeping in mind the preferences of your guests. If you find it tough to select a reliable caterer, then you can take the help of companies offering birthday event planning in Colorado to make the arrangements for you. They will help you decide a menu and use their network to acquire the services of a reputed caterer. These companies will also ensure that you get discounts from the caterer.

Prepare a guest list

Once you have made all the arrangements for the wedding, you will need to create a guest list. Also, keep in mind the number of guests who will be coming to the birthday party. You will have to book a venue with all the amenities required for greeting them. The venue will be decided based on the number of guests whom you invite to your birthday party.

Decide a dress code

To create a unique ambiance at the party, you can request your guests to come dressed according to them. If it’s your 40th birthday party, then they can come with casual outfits in order to enjoy the song and dance at the event. Decide on the dress code around the theme of the birthday party. This will help everyone to come appropriately dressed and make it a grand affair.

Birthday Party Games for Teenage

When it comes to partying, you wouldn’t find bigger enthusiasts than teenagers. Whether they organize one themselves or request an adult to do so, the effort is always double for these bundles of energy. When organizing a teenage birthday party, it is very essential to keep a few basics in mind. The group needs to be incorporated in every activity and everyone should participate for the effort to be a success. It is very easy for teenagers to get ‘lost’ within the crowd, in groups, etc., and want to do their own thing. This is why birthday party games should be designed to create a mixed group and ensure 100% participation.


✔ The balloon war is an all time favorite with teenagers. The group is split into elected teams, and the aim is to steal the balloons allowed to fill up the dance floor. The excitement and grabbing is a great energy booster.

✔ Birthday party games also include the ‘Man Hunt’ game. This revised version of the good old hide and seek is played within the limited area, and the effort is to discover the hiding place of the person named, from the opposite team.

✔ A great addition to party games is the ‘Wooden Spoons’. Yes, everyone guesses the other’s identity blindfolded and with the help of a wooden spoon!

✔ Another hilarious game is the deadly combination of ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘Shocking Questions’. In these games, the group is divided into two teams. One participant from each team asks the opposite team a list of pre-set questions and fills in the answers to an absolutely different set of questions. The person, who contributes to a not so hilarious outcome, has to dare!

✔ ‘Acronym Antics’ is yet another hilarious party game. In this game acronyms are worked upon to create definitions for randomly selected words. For Example: MATH- Mentally Affected Teacher Harassment!

✔ ‘Act It Out’ or good old ‘Dumb Charades’ is also another great teenage party game. Here, the scenes or names of movies are enacted for the opposite team members to guess.

✔ ‘All On One Side’ is a party game where each participant is given a balloon and a situation is created, either with music, dance, or an external stimuli, like bumping into the person, and the aim is not to allow the balloon to touch the ground.

✔ The game of ‘Ambush’ is one where a number of clues are left around, and you have to guess the ambush site within the area. It is very like the treasure hunt that children love.

✔ You could even organize a ‘Marshmallow Bob’. Although this could get a little messy, but if organized well, it is fun personified. In this game, you pre-set marshmallows in a bowl of flour, and make each participant hunt for as many as he or she can, in the face of opposition from the other team.

✔ ‘Musical Chairs’, ‘Apples to Apples’, and ‘Bingo’ are also great party games. The trick is to ensure 100% participation, and maintain the energy levels.

✔ You can even tap core competency areas. For example, the game of ‘Dress Me Up’, only takes a few sheets of newspaper, to come up with some great fashion wear!

Teenagers tire easily if the action is not consistent, and to retrieve the enthusiasm after they form groups and start chatting is very difficult. Along with the games, you need to keep the soft drinks, punch, and snacks coming quick enough to fill in the breaks between the games. The success of a teenage birthday party lies in organization and your guests themselves can help you do just that.

Teenage birthday party games are available at a number of online and offline resources, and a little prior planning and research go a long way. The magic lies in total involvement of the guests, from the organization and procuring of the frills to the self service at the party!