The 7 Dirty Words Of Internet Marketing


Number 7, and one of my favorites, is buy. You NEVER want to tell people to BUY your book or whatever the heck it is youre selling. Buying means youre spending money on it, and people do NOT want to spend money on ANYTHING.

So you want to stay away from this word at all costs. Try something like claim or immediately download. This will make them think theyre getting it for nothing.

Number 6 really applies mostly to the IM make money online niche earn. You NEVER want to tell people that they can EARN money online. Earning makes is sound like there is work involved. Its hard to earn. You want to use words like passively acquire an income or something like that. Make it sound easy.

Number 5 sounds like earn but has an extra letter at the beginning. The word is learn. You NEVER want to tell somebody that theyre going to LEARN something. Learning is what you did in school and its NOT easy. Nobody wants to learn. They want the info to magically appear in their head as if by some genie.

Number 4 is something only a dope would use when talking about their own site. The word is scam. When people think of a scam, they think of something illegal.

And the truth is, almost all scams ARE illegal. This is such a dirty word, you only want to use it when talking about somebody ELSES site. Just make sure you can prove it, unless you want to end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

Number 3 is something a lot of marketers just dont get. Its spam. This is the bane of our existence. Spammers have made Internet marketers lives a living hell on Earth. Because of spam, we have more regulations than we know what to do with all of which only make marketing that much more of a pain in the arse.

Number 2 is Ponzi. Remember the old Ponzi schemes from way back? Well, believe it or not, they are still around and still getting shut down every single day. The last thing you want is to be associated with one of these schemes. There is only one word dirtier than Ponzi.

Number 1 may be the dirtiest word in all of Internet marketing. Its the one thing that nobody wants to do. Theyd rather eat bugs than do this. The word is work. Nobody wants to work. They just want to sit back, push a button, and watch the money fall from the sky. So never, under ANY circumstances, put on your website for your product that the prospect will have to WORK in order to see any results.

Okay, the above was a little fun for a change of pace. However, there is a lot of truth in what Ive said. Remember it if you want to be a successful Internet marketer to avoid these 7 dirty words.

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Facts About Airborne Internet


A type of Internet network that features the use of aerial vehicles is called the airborne Internet. The airborne Internet is defined as an Internet network wherein all its nodes and links are located in the aircraft itself. This type of computer network serves its functions in communication, navigation, and surveillance in aviation. Also, this type of computer network can be used by businesses, government agencies, military, and private Internet users.

Airborne Internet can be classified as another source for Internet connection. The conceptualization of such kind of network can be considered as a timely discovery. This is because of the fact that Internet connections around the world do get slow and clogged due to the very large quantity of Internet users. The modems of today, regardless of capabilities, are not able to cope up with the exponential increase in the number of people who access the Internet. Airborne internet may be able to alleviate the clogged situation of the Internet.

The function of an airborne Internet resembles that of a satellite-based Internet connection. A significant difference between the two is that airborne Internet works without time delays, while satellite-based Internet connection does have time delays. Also, the airborne Internet is able to share data in less time because its location is not as high as compared to the location of satellite-based Internet access. Environmental factors in the sky such as weather and commercial air traffic do not affect the performance of airborne Internets, because they are located within safe but accessible areas in the immediate atmosphere.

Debian Based Internet Gateway


On this article you will learn how to setup your very own ubuntu router internet router. The ubuntu router / router will act precisely like any other router you could purchase on the store, besides your linux box may have extra functionality and further security. What you will want to build your Ubuntu Router Internet Gateway:

* Extra pc
* (2) Ethernet cards
* Switch
* Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Version
* Putty

This text will explain easy methods to setup a recent install of Ubuntu 10.04 server version, configuring a dhcp server for a neighborhood community,whereas a together with a firewall from the nasty internet. The very first thing that you are going to do is a fresh set up of the Ubuntu server version, but choosing only Open SSH server during the software set up part of the Ubuntu install. After the set up completes and your pc reboots, you might be then going to want to set a root password (su).

sudo passwd root

After you might have a set a root password, login into root by typing the following command:


After you are in super consumer mode (root) we’re then going to want to replace our Ubuntu Bistro. Type the following instructions to update the os and other programs.

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

After your computer updates, restart it.


Setup Network Cards

vi /etc/network/interfaces

Within the instance below my eth0 represents the community interface that connects to the web and the eth1 interface connectsto the switch. The swap then connects to your entire other networked devices, comparable to your gaming system and different networked devices. I added the next code into the /etc/network/interfaces file:

Vi /etc/network/interfaces

auto eth1

iface eth1 inet static





/etc/init.d/networking restart

The next following step will not be required, but I like to set a hostname for my router, all you need to do is install apache and you may have your individual private intranet or net server.

vi /etc/hosts

echo homeserver.gateway.2wire.net > /etc/hostname

/etc/init.d/hostname.sh start


hostname -f

Ubuntu Hostname

Once you have accomplished the next above, you should use putty to entry your linux machine from your windows based mostly pc. This will help you copy and paste the following code, to speed up the process of making your linux router. The very first thing that you will need to do to use putty to configure your Ubuntu router, is ready a static ip in your windows machine, since we do not have a dhcp server put in yet. Set a static ip address for Microsoft Vista.For those who do not need to use putty you can simply kind out the rest of the code, putty simply makes it easier. Once you have chosen your terminal program that your are going to use, again login underneath root. It is now time to install some software program, that we will need to setup the router.

apt-get set up dhcp3-server bind9 vim perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl
Allow packet forwarding

vi /etc/sysctl.conf

Uncomment the following line to allow packet forwarding for IPv4


echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
Install Webmin

Webmin is anther good program to use to configure you ubuntu gateway and different server programs that you just would possibly use. If you use webmin, it is possible for you to to simply configure you server, utilizing any web browser you choose.

cd /opt

mkdir webmin

cd /opt/webmin


tar xzvf webmin-1.430.tar.gz

cd webmin-1.430/


During set up you can be requested a couple of questions, simply press enter a few times. The only thing that you just want to change is the port quantity, user name and password and also say yes to SSL.

Ubuntu Webmin
Configure dhcp

Network address –

Netmask –

Address ranges - –

After you could have entered the the above click on on the create button. You should now see a icon that reads, click on this new icon after which click on the Edit Shopper Options button.

Subnet mask –

Default routers –

Broadcast address –

DNS servers –

After you have got the above into the consumer choices home windows click the save button twice, which should return you to the principle Dhcp server window. Inside the dhcp server display screen, you see a button known as Edit Network Interface, click on this button and choose eth1 then click save. Now click on the Begin Sever button, if you see no errors, you’re good.
Configure firewall


Accept if input interface is lo

Accept if input interface is eth0 and state of connection is ESTABLISHED,RELATED

Accept if input interface is eth1


Accept if input interface is eth0 and output interface is eth1 and state of connection is ESTABLISHED,RELATED

Accept if input interface is eth1 and output interface is eth0

Now that concludes how to build your own Ubuntu Router Internet Gateway.

Challenges Of Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing refers to the promotion of products and services over the internet. There are many who opt for online marketing for promotion of their business. Web has introduced many advantages to marketing. Few of them are lower cost and ability to have access to wider client base. Along with benefits, the medium that is interactive in nature brings various challenges.

There are many challenges to confront and surpass in the web business. The main area of concern is to market the products or services. There are numerous ways on the internet. Pay per click advertisements refer to a commercial media for which a marketer pays to promote himself. A person should have complete knowledge of the medium. There is a tendency to loose maximum amount of money if one uses it without knowledge. You should do a research and find out if it is beneficial for the business and you are able to reach target audiences. There are offline advertisements, which mean publicizing by distributing flyer, announcements, brochure, local newspaper, etc. In these printed materials, one should always mention his online site. However, simply talking about the company and providing the online site might not help. The content and the presentation of these advertisements should be fresh and crisp. It should entice a customer to know more about the organization or the product. Email Marketing is also an effective way to reach the potential customers. In this method, a marketer is able to communicate to new clients and retain the previous ones. An advertiser gets relevant queries and has a greater chance to have immediate sales. However, you should take care that the campaign sent to valid and relevant addresses. If this point is not kept in mind then you might be rated as a Spammer. Posting articles on number of websites is another way to promote a company or product or service. However, many fake links and sites claim to make an article writer rich. A person should be careful of such links. If a businessperson wants to make his website, he can do so. Website can make an organization stay connected with its consumers and potential customers all the time. However, if complaints posted by any of the customer, it should be given immediate attention and handled with care. Online payments should be done with security. Taking feedback from a client is essential.

It is great to do business on the Internet but one should handle it in such a way so that it brings success and profit.

Centurylink Internet Services


In this century where almost everything has gone online, you will need a fast, secure and reliable internet connection in order to keep up with the changing world. Therefore, you should go for centuryLink internet from centurylink. Centurylink is the third largest telecommunication company in the united state and among the largest internet service provider providers. It specializes in offering high quality voice, data and video services in both homes and businesses across the united state. Centurylink was established in 2006, with its headquarters in Monroe, La. Over the years centurylink has established itself as a leader in the network services market, and boasts of state of the art cloud infrastructure and hosting IT solutions for many businesses across united state. The workforce at centurylink is committed to providing outstanding services and quality products to its customers. CenturyLink Internet is offered wireless and on your own private and direct connection to their fiber-optic network.

Centurylink has a wide range of connection speeds from which you can the one that will meet your needs adequately. For basics internet use centurylink will offer connection speed of up to 1.5Mbps and if you want to boost your home internet and have control of it you can opt for the 7 Mbps connection speed. However, for those who want a connection speed that has the capability of practically performing any internet task, centurylink offers the 25 Mbps and 40 Mbps connection speed. CenturyLink internet will add value to your home and at the same time help you with your homework, job searches, connecting with friends and relatives, fast video and music downloads, and aid in getting news and information at the comfort of your home or office.

Security is a major concern when it comes to internet, but while using CenturyLink Internet you should not have any worries of identity theft. Centurylink high speed internet is not via cables, and therefore, no connections are shared. This means that you will have your connection directly connected to the centurylink fiber-network, which in turn makes it 100 percent private. Apart from private network connection you will receive a consistent connection speed even during peak times.

With Century Link Internet the era of waiting for a video to watch is long gone. Getting a high connection speed of up to 10 Mbps from centurylink you will be able to watch streaming HD contents without buffering. Additionally, you will have the ability to download videos or music in no time and have an enhanced gaming experience. With CenturyLink Internet you will also have the opportunity of watching free TV online from more than 250 providers without exiting from the centurylink portal.

The monthly charges of centuryLink internet depends on the connection speed you have subscribed, for example a connection speed of up to 1.5 Mbps starts from $19.95 a month while that of up to 10 Mbps starts from $29.95 a month. Centurylink has a technical support team that will assist you anytime of the day including weekends. CenturyLink internet equipments come with a free self installation which will guide you on how to install them in less than 30 minutes. However, if you find it hard to do it yourself the company will send a person to do it for you.

Experience the outstanding power of fiber-optic network with a direct connection from centurylink.

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